Our Studio

At Bikram Yoga LBNY, the studio has been designed with the student in mind, offering a friendly, comfortable environment in a state-of-the-art facility which will enhance your Bikram Yoga experience.

  • 1,100 sq.ft Hot Room

  • Evenly controlled heating and steam humidifier system

  • UVC air sanitizer (kills odor and airborne bacteria)

  • CO2 sensors (maintain levels of fresh, oxygen-rich air through the room)

  • Flotex anti-microbial, odor-free, waterproof flooring

  • Individual changing rooms, baths and showers

  • Spacious lobby/reception area

  • Retail area offering yoga wear, mats, Yogitoes towels, Bikram Yoga literature and CDs

  • Rental mats and towels available

  • Essentia Water, RAW Coconut Water, WTR MLN WTR, BluePrint Juices, Coastal Craft Kombucha and Zico for sale