Read what our students have to say about us!

On March 13, 2011, I attended my fourth Bikram Yoga class. I had spent the winter training for upcoming running races where I am a competitive runner in the men’s age group of 45-49. A member of your studio suggested I take your class to stretch out some of my tight areas and improve my flexibility. Since I work for Polar Heart Rate Monitors, I had the curiosity to see what my heart rate would average in terms of percentage of MAX HR and how many calories I would burn in a 90 minute class. I was amazed that I recorded 790 calories. Once you took us through the first ten minutes to warm up our bodies to prepare for the rest of the poses, I averaged 75% of MAX HR, a pretty good cardio workout, with many moments when I went over 80% of MAX HR. The final 30 minutes of the class brought my HR into what many would say is the “FAT BURNING ZONE”, averaging 65-70% MAX HR. I have found my calf area which is prone to tightness is now less tender and more flexible. I plan on attending your class once a week. The many benefits are stretching, improved flexibility, a core workout and nearly 800 calories burned. Thank you for opening up the studio in our lovely city of Long Beach.
— Wayne Vartabedian
I love this studio and I love ‘going through hell’ to get to the other side!
— Liz
I LOVE Bikram Yoga Long Beach and Anne & Colleen! Thank you for keeping such a beautiful studio. I’m happy to be back!
— Ellen
Chronic insomnia is gone. Weeks and weeks of uninterrupted sleep.
— J
I was once given a great piece of advice, “Get yourself too tired because there is a lot of great things waiting for you on the other side of tired”. This studio embodies that wisdom.
Two surgeries in 3 years. I can move again four months into my practice. I feel wonderful!
— Patti K.
A lucky day to be be here, now.
— Jimmy Egan
Bikram Yoga helped me get through the toughest emotional challenge of my life, keeping my mother home in hospice and watching her painfully slip away. Bikram Yoga is as much as about what you give up than what you gain.
— Chamaine
Peace and calmness. Thanks for bringing this awareness to my life!
— Gerry
Coming to BYLB has never failed to make my day better!
— PB
I wanted to stay, I didn’t want to leave! My ankle feels beyond fine and my body, spirit and mind are colorful once again.
— Joey Naham