Welcome to Bikram Yoga Long Beach NY

We’re Moving Down the Street!

We are excited to announce that we are in the process of relocating our studio – to a wonderful new space 2 blocks away at 365 East Park Ave here in Long Beach. Our new neighbor will be the Unsound Surf Shop. We’re in the process of creating a great new space for you to practice in for years to come. We have ended classes at our former location and are building the new studio as quickly as possible. We hope to re-open at the new location the third week of October. All memberships will be carried forward. Please keep an eye on our website as we update the details.

60-Minute Bikram Yoga Classes

We are excited to announce the introduction of 60-minute Bikram Yoga classes. In doing so, we are answering a growing demand from students juggling life, family and professional obligations.

We believe that the 90-minute class is the most efficient, productive and healing beginner class that exists. In order to sustain the safety and lasting benefits of Bikram Yoga, our 60-minute class keeps the exact 26-pose sequence and the savasanas - in other words, the integrity of the yoga we love and respect in form and essence (a few select poses are performed once instead of the traditional two sets).

To that end, we recommend that students NEW to Bikram Yoga take several 90-minute classes before attending a 60-minute class, with the understanding that real progress is achieved during the 90-minute class.  The 60-minute class should be considered a maintenance class for experienced students, where fewer corrections, explanations and demonstrations are given.

First Time Students

30 Days for $30

Join us for a true Bikram Yoga experience!

Children Classes at BY LBNY


Yoga Youth Movement

The Yoga Youth Movement brings Yoga classes to youth yogis building their confidence, determination and focus. The YYM class consists of a one hour long Hatha Yoga class focusing on the physical postures and playing yoga games. Hatha Yoga provides proven tools for deepening and enhancing health, academic skills, and physical fitness. Our students learn how to move mindfully, with breath awareness, and sustain their concentration. They simultaneously develop strength, flexibility, balance, mental clarity and emotional stability. The class is open to youths 4-11. Sign-up your little yogis today!!

Please call us at 516-442-3261 or email at info@bikramyogalbny.com for further details.