Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga

Practicing yoga during pregnancy is one of the healthiest ways to nurture yourself and your baby.  You will learn to become more patient and gentle with yourself and gain confidence in the beautiful mother that you are becoming.  Marvel at the miracle of your baby and what your incredible body and spirit are capable of creating.

Continuing your Bikram Yoga practice during pregnancy is both a safe and healthy experience for you and your baby.  If you have a regular 6-month to one-year Bikram Yoga practice and you choose to continue to practice while you are pregnant, please first consult your doctor.  After the 1st Trimester, you may return to practice if you are comfortable exercising.  Speak to us and we will introduce you to the many Moms who have kept their regular yoga practice at BYLB during the past 9 years (Colleen Leone, Colleen O’Rourke, Charlotte Hayes, Danielle Lyons, Rochelle Gower, Jessica Heron, Jacqueline Weiss).  

Take a look at some of the poses and their modifications.  We will guide you so that you may learn them correctly. Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga CD is also available for your learning and better understanding.

Thank you to our yogini-models: Danielle, Jessica and Rochelle.

1. Standing Deep Breathing1 (1).jpg
1. Standing Deep Breathing2.jpg
3. Awkward.jpg
5. Standing Head to Knee1.jpg
5. Standing Head to Knee2.jpg
6. Standing Bow Pulling.jpg
6. Standing Bow Pulling.jpg
9. Triangle1.jpg
9. Triangle2.jpg
10. Standing Separate Head to Knee.jpg
11. Tree.jpg
13. Savasana.jpg
16. Cobra.jpg
17. Locust.jpg
18. Full Locust1.jpg
18. Full Locust2.jpg
25. Spine Twist2.jpg
22. Camel.jpg
25. Spine Twist1.jpg